• 1949 Founded in Munich in 1949 MYLON started out with the production and distribution of bristles. Theses were required by the brush industry. Thereafter “Fishing Lines” were added to the production portfolio. In these days only the domestic market was served.
  • 1955 First European markets were opened up.
  • 1967 MYLON moved from Munich to today’s location at Saal/Donau
  • 1968 A multi-storey production building was constructed. A very modern colouring system was established.
  • 1970 Production of braided items was set up.
  • 1972 A high bay warehouse with some 1.400 sqm as well as a substantial enlargement of the braiding division took place.
  • 1975 European markets are pretty much covered. MYLON expands its activities on the North American markets.
  • 1980 The portfolio of MYLON`s production range now includes Monofilament Fishing Lines, both for the sports and well as for the commercial fishermen. Braided lines for off-shore angling, plumb lines for craftsmen and DIY.
  • 1985 The portfolio of products was expanded. Starter Ropes were manufactured, used in Chainsaws, Lawn Mowers as well as in Outboard Engines. Meanwhile MYLON is one of the leading manufacturers is this industry.
  • 1990 MYLON invests in high performance braiding machines, producing 24 hours a day.
  • 1994 Production of high tenacity HMPE braids was taken up. A sophisticated thermo fusion machine in combination with state of the art braiding machines, enables MYLON to produce on an extremely high quality level.
  • 1996 Advanced rope coating technology is implemented.
  • 2001 Additional braiding machines were set up in order to produce High Performance braided Fishing Lines.
  • 2008 A revolutionary Co-extruded Monofilament was introduced. Combining the advantages of a Co-Polymer (COPA) with those of a Fluorocarbon (PVDF).
  • 2013 MYLON develops and introduces “Extra Light” series of braided HMPE Fishing Lines. Produced in a range of diameters starting from 0.04 up to 0.09 mm.
  • 2015 “TRIPLE COAT” an extremely durable coating for 8carrier HMPE lines was introduced.

Many years of experience of our highly motivated staff, as well as the very modern machinery make sure, MYLON will be successful on today’s world wide markets. We export to more than 50 countries. MYLON is highly specialized in the production of braids and cords covering diameters starting out as low as 0.04 mm and going up to as heavy as 6,00 mm. Almost all synthetic fibres like Polyamide (PA), Polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PES), Polyethylene (PE) as well as High Modular Polyethylene (HMPE) are used in production.